Additions to our Union Benefits

Friday, March 4, 2022
Under the outstanding direction of our Fund Director, Lisa Poggioli, our Levittown United Teachers Supplemental Benefits Fund (LUTSBF) continues to add and improve upon the benefits available to all members of the LUT.
On March 1, 2022, several positive changes to our supplemental benefits went into effect, including:
  • A new hearing aid benefit to provide supplemental coverage to that provided by basic health plans
  • An increase in the dental plan annual maximum
  • An increase in the orthodontic lifetime maximum
  • A new adult orthodontic benefit
  • Coverage for Invisalign services
  • An increase in the number of covered dental implants
  • Coverage for dental services including bone graft, crown build-up and analgesia (sweet air)
The Board of Trustees of the LUTSBF monitors closely the Fund’s accounting and the utilization of benefits amongst our members. In consultation with the Fund’s legal counsel and investment manager, the Trustees and the Fund Director make needed adjustments to the benefits provided by the Fund. Over the past few years, the Fund has been able to make substantial improvements to several of our existing benefits while also adding a legal plan benefit, a hearing aid benefit and, in cooperation with the Levittown District, the Open Arms Employee Assistance Program.
The current Board of Trustees of the LUT Supplemental Benefits Fund are: LUT President, John Caulfield - Chairperson, Lynn Anderson, Stephen Austin, Lee Gardner, Nancy LiVolsi, Joseph Romano and Heidi Savino.
To read the letter of notice sent by the fund regarding the specific benefit improvements and additions that went into effect on March 1, and to view the newly updated Comprehensive Benefits Booklet that outlines in detail all the benefits available to our members through the Fund, please click on the link below.


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