Budget and BoE Election = Big Wins for the LUT!

Monday, May 23, 2022
With close to 62% approval, the 2022-2023 Levittown District budget was approved. In large numbers, members of the Levittown community overwhelming supported the exceptional work of their schools and were willing to fund those efforts with their tax dollars.
In addition to the budget approval, the Levittown community also re-elected both LUT endorsed Board of Education candidates; Christina Lang and Peggy Marenghi.
The convincing margins of victory for both the budget and the winning candidates were due in no small part to the successful political activism of the LUT and Levittown Retired Teachers (LRT) in support of the best interests of our students and our schools. Using lawn signs, banners, social media advertisements, phone banking and good, old fashioned, grassroots, person to person conversations amongst members of the Levittown community, the LUT and LRT played an active role in getting the word out about keeping our schools well-funded and led by experienced board members who advocate for the best interests of our students, teachers and staff.
Thank you to everyone who did their part in making sure that our school district has the funding it needs and is led by experienced, capable members on our Board of Education. We are all stronger when we stand together. Once again, we stood together and stood tall. Well done, LUT!


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