Election Day 2018: The Stakes Couldn't Be Higher

Monday, November 5, 2018
Election Day 2018 is tomorrow. For all Americans, the stakes are high. But for educators and unionists, this election could have consequences that will last for decades.
At the LUT, we don't feel party affiliation should matter in our advocacy for what is best for our schools and for our rights and benefits as union employees in public schools. So, to all of our LUT brothers and sisters, we say:
Don't be a party voter.
Be a union voter!
Be a public education voter!
Here is some of what can be achieved by voting for pro-education and pro-union candidates tomorrow:
  • A complete repeal of the disastrous state Education Transformation Act and education law 3012-d.
  • The elimination of APPR and return to local control of teacher evaluations.
  • Removal of the high stakes placed on state tests.
  • Meaningful reform of Common Core curriculum.
  • Strengthening and protection of union rights in a post-Janus world.
  • Protection of Social Security and Medicare for our retirees now and for all of us in the years to come.
  • A guarantee that pre-existing conditions will remain covered and not be penalized in our health care plans.
  • A fairer share of our tax dollars returning to public education throughout our state, and more specifically, to Long Island districts that for years have received only a small percentage back that we send up to Albany.
Make no mistake, corporate interests are worried. Recently, a state politician described our state teachers' union, NYSUT, and other groups that advocate for public education as "forces of evil." Teachers are not evil! We are caring, passionate professionals who care about our students and care about each other. Let's make sure we all vote that way tomorrow!

Please check out the list below of NYSUT endorsed candidates and make sure to vote tomorrow. Polls open at 6AM! Make your voice heard LUT! To find out your state senate and assembly district and federal congressional district, click here.

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