Election Results

Thursday, May 18, 2017

By convincing numbers, the Levittown community has voted in approval of the proposed 2017-18 school budget as well as 2 propositions that will allow for needed capital improvements throughout our district.

The school budget passed by a 1,511 to 627 margin.
A proposition creating a $25 million capital reserve fund for district-wide construction, reconstruction, renovation and purchasing equipment for school district buildings and facilities was approved 1,504-619.
A second proposition that authorizes spending from an existing capital reserve fund was approved 1,542-578.
The LUT congratulates incumbent Board of Education member, Michael Pappas, and new Board of Education members Dillon Cain, and Jennifer Messina for their election to the Board. These candidates ran unopposed for the 3 available seats of the Board
In the vast majority of local school board elections throughout Long Island, union endorsed candidates won convincing victories. For complete election results, follow the link below.
Overall unions have shown, once again, the important role they have as a powerful voting block and as strong advocates for strong public schools.


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