Elections Have Consequences

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
We've all heard this adage over the years. However, it is likely that the upcoming election on November 6, 2018 could have greater consequences than any in our lifetime.
At the LUT, we don't feel it matters if you side with democrats, republicans or view yourself as an independent. We do feel that everyone in our union should be educated on the issues and consider voting for candidates who support public education and support the value of strong unions. Don't be a party voter. Be a union voter! Be a public education voter!
Several candidates in the upcoming election have aligned themselves clearly in support of unions and in support of public education. Our parent organization, NYUST has been very clear to endorse only candidates that would protect public education from corporate interests and keep unions strong.

Last spring, a bill was passed in the state assembly 133-1 to help fix the broken state APPR teacher evaluation system. That bill was stalled by members of the state senate and prevented from becoming law. NYSUT did not endorse any candidate in the upcoming election that stood in the way of reasonable reforms to APPR such as the bill that was up for consideration last spring.
Don't be a party voter.
Be a union voter!
Be a public education voter!
A list of all NYSUT endorsed, pro-public education, pro-union candidates can be found here:
Elections have consequences, LUT! Educate yourselves on the issues that matter to our schools and our profession and consider them when you vote on November 6!


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