Enjoy a Union Made Summer

Sunday, July 9, 2017

As we enjoy a well-deserved and well-earned summer vacation, we can also do our part to support our union brothers and sisters by purchasing products for our fun in the sun that are union-made.


Rubbermaid coolers, Good Humor ice cream, Frito-Lay chips and Coppertone sunscreen are just a few examples of quality union-made products that we can purchase and enjoy this summer.

Please take a look at Labor 411's Independence Day guide and the AFL-CIO's union-made barbecue guide for full lists of union-made brands.

Please also remember that our union brothers and sisters at Clare Rose are still on strike.  We are asking that all union members on Long Island continue to boycott Clare Rose products until the strike is settled.  For a full list of products to avoid, please click here.

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