Thursday, March 3, 2022
by Levittown United Teachers FMLA Liaison, Jennifer Gorske
The following are some of the most frequent questions our members have regarding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
Q: How many days do I get for maternity leave?
A: You can take a total of 60 sick days (if you have them) to remain on payroll.
Q: Does the 60 days include before birth, recovery time and bonding?
A: Yes, it is 60 days in total.
Q: What is the difference between bonding time and recovery time?
A: Recovery time is immediately following birth. You can take up to 30 days for a natural birth and 40 days for a Cesarean delivery (C-section). Bonding time can be up to 30 days total after recovery time if you have 30 days of sick time to use for this. All bonding time must be used within the first year of birth. Recovery time is used immediately upon giving birth. New mothers should also keep in mind that if you use 40 days for recovery after birth, you will then be left with 20 days of bonding time.
Q: What if I want to take more than 60 days?
A: If you wish to take more than 60 days, you can take an unpaid leave of absence.
Q: If I choose to take an unpaid leave of absence, do I lose my seniority in the district?
A: When you are officially off district payroll during a leave of absence, you can lose seniority and not gain steps depending on the length of unpaid leave time you take in a given school year.
Q: Is there paternity leave?
A: Yes, the spouse who did not give birth is eligible for 30 days leave if the member has 30 days of sick time to use for this. The 30 days must be used within the first year of the birth of the child.
Q: Who can I contact for more information?
A: You can email Jen Gorske at You can also contact Lori Pagano in the Levittown District Human Resources Department at or by calling (516) 434-7036.


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