Friday, April 1: Wear Red to Support Public Ed!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sisters and brothers,

The NYSUT officers ask you and the members of every local across the state to wear red (or your local union shirts) this Friday, April 1, in support of public education.

Friday marks an important day in our ongoing advocacy for public education as we fight for the passage of a state budget in New York — due April 1 — that provides the resources our public schools, campuses and students need.

We also ask you to wear red to show your support of every local — in higher ed, K-12, health care and other workplaces — fighting for fair contracts that reflect the value our members provide to communities across this state.  

April 1 also is a day of action for our sisters and brothers at AFT Local #1 — the Chicago Teachers Union — who are fighting for a budget that meets the needs of their schools and their students.  Wear red this Friday in solidarity with the CTU!

Share Your Photos!

Please share and post your photos on social media using the hashtag #WearRedForPublicEd this Friday, April 1 as we stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers across this great state, as well as our sisters and brothers in Local #1, in the fight for public education.

Be sure to tag your posts with @nysut on Twitter and "NYSUT United" on Facebook.

You can also email your photos to

Change Your Profile Pic!

Show your support for public education by downloading this photo and making it your profile pic on Twitter and Facebook.

See you on Friday! Check back to for updates!

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