Hey! Union Dues are now Tax Deductible

Monday, May 1, 2017

Those who follow the politics surrounding the attacks on organized labor know that the fundamental argument against unions is the fact that workers are obligated to pay for union services even if they choose not to be a member of that union.

Well, as a result of a provision enacted in the most recent New York State budget, that will longer be the case. Sort of....
In what was clearly a nod to unions, the State Assembly passed a budget last month that allows all union members to deduct their union dues from their state taxes.
Of course, the deduction is not a dollar for dollar reimbursement of union dues. But the provision does reduce state taxable income by what a union member, or agency fee payer, pays in dues or fair share payments.
Previously, only union members who itemized deductions on their taxes received a small deduction for union dues or agency fee payments. That deduction has been increased. Also, the deduction opportunity has been expanded to union members and agency fee payers who do not itemize deductions on their taxes.
The AFL-CIO estimates that this budget provision will result in approximately $35 million in additional tax refunds to union members statewide.
The provision will apply to taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2018.
So, add a nice healthy tax deduction to the benefits union members receive for simply paying their dues!
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