Important Budget Vote June 9th

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
The LUT has always stood front and center when it comes to advocating for the best interests of our students and our schools. It seems that this school year, our efforts may be more important than ever.
Most experts agree that as we make our way out of the COVID19 pandemic, the economic recovery of our nation must be driven by a recovery of our public education system. It is absolutely crucial that our local school budgets pass so schools have the funding they need to meet the challenges that we will face in the near and distant future.
Our school district has published the following FAQ about the current school budget in an effort to educate voters on what a vote of NO on the budget could mean for the students in our community.
In addition to getting our school budget passed, the LUT have endorsed the 3 incumbent members of the Board of Education for re-election.
At this critical time, a change in leadership from these 3 proven pro-education members of the board of education would only further disrupt our district during this tumultuous time. Dillion, Michael and Jennifer have advocated for the best interests of our students and the LUT over the years and have certainly deserved out support to continue their work on the Board of Education in the future.


Voting for the budget and for the Board of Education is going on now through mail-in balloting. The LUT is actively involved in many ways both in support of the budget and of our endorsed candidates. One of those ways is through our phone banking brigade - please see directions below in this email.
Every vote truly counts in this election. We all have ties to the Levittown community and know people who are voters we can speak to about the importance of this election. Please do your part to make sure the Levittown District can come out of this pandemic stronger than ever!
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