Janus is An Absolute Fraud! Takes Job with Think Tank that Bankrolled His SCOTUS Case

Friday, July 27, 2018

Just a few weeks after a ruling by the Supreme Court granted him the option to not pay his fair share of union fees for the services provided to him, Mark Janus, the plaintiff in the Janus v ASCFME case, left his union job and took a job for the same conservative think tank which paid all of his legal fees.

This article in the Chicago Sun Times explains in detail what happened.
It is ironic to consider that Mr. Janus allegedly took the money from this group - the Illinois Policy Institute - in a case to protect his First Amendment rights, only to leave that job and take one working for an organization in which he will have no First Amendment rights whatsoever.
To be sure, Mr. Janus' decision calls into question whether or not his entire case had anything to do with the First Amendment at all, and more to do with him feathering his own nest at the possible expense of union worker across America.
And this after his union did so much for his benefit. An article written by Donnie Killen, a child support specialist for the state of Illinois and Vice President/Executive Steward of AFSCME Local 2600.
In the article, Killen points out many of the benefits Janus enjoyed because of his affiliation with his union. Some of these include:
  • Preventing Mr. Janus's job from being outsourced.
  • Negotiating $17,000 in pay raises for Mr. Janus.
  • Stopping Mr. Janus' employer from doubling the cost of his health benefits.
  • Negotiating a fair pension upon which Mr. Janus could retire.
  • Ensuring that Mr. Janus could be fairly hired, regardless of his politics.
Without question, the amount of income and the level of medical and retirement benefits provided to Mr. Janus outweighed the cost to him of maintaining his union membership.
Perhaps, Mr. Janus will grow more appreciative of the advantages of being part of a union when, as an employee of a non-union shop, he no longer has them.


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