Join Unionists Across Long Island at the OPT-OUT/SHOP-OUT on March 12!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Many in our state government are hoping that by temporarily stopping the clock on counting state tests towards student and teacher records they will stop the storm of protest against these inappropriate, stressful, high stakes exams.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The reason we have seen any movement thus far regarding high stakes tests and the linkage of those tests to teacher evaluations is because of the wide-spread activism of parents and other stakeholders in public education.  The only way any further progress will take place is if the Opt-Out movement not only continues, but continues to grow!  NYSUT is planning an event on March 12 in the hopes of reinvigorating the Opt-Out movement and sending a clear message to our lawmakers in Albany that the current system must not just be delayed for a few years, but abolished completely.

On Saturday, March 12, teachers, parents, family members and friends are requested to come to the Roosevelt Field Mall between the hours of 10:00AM and noon wearing homemade white T-Shirts that simply say OPT-OUT to “shop” for support of the opt out movement.

Because Roosevelt Field is a private property, this is technically not a demonstration or a protest or a rally, but simply a group of people out for a morning of shopping who all just happen to be wearing the same t-shirt!  Participants are reminded to not bring signs or leaflets to hand out.  Participants should also not congregate or “march” together in large groups in any way on mall property.

Please check out the flyer and feel free to copy and share the flyer with others to promote this important event of civic action!

Click here to download.

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