LRT Spring Meeting/Luncheon

Thursday, May 23, 2024
On Wednesday, May 8th, members of the Levittown Retired Teachers (LRT) and several special guests, took part in the LRT’s annual spring meeting and luncheon. For this event, the LRT returned to one of their favorite meeting spots, Domenico’s restaurant on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown.
Above: LUT, LRT and Levittown Public Schools leaders at the LRT Spring Meeting and Luncheon: (L to R) LUT Vice President for Political Action, John Lipani, LUT President, John Caulfield, Levittown Public Schools Superintendent, Todd Winch, LRT Co-President, Ronnie Avnet Stoll, and LRT Vice President and Treasurer, Laura Molina.
Along with enjoying great food and conversation, the LRT heard from several important speakers. Levittown United Teachers (LUT) Vice President for Political Action spoke about the importance of the political action section of our state union called VOTE-COPE. VOTE-COPE stands for Voice of Teachers in Education and the Committee on Political Education. Lipani mentioned that he was looking for an LRT member to serve as VOTE-COPE coordinator for retirees and offered to work with whomever took on the position to get them up and running. He also spoke about the importance of current members and retirees participating in the phone banking efforts for the school budget vote and Board of Education election and provided directions for any member of the LRT who wished to help.
Another highlighted speaker was retired Levittown School District Superintendent, Dr. Toni McDonald. McDonald now serves as President of the Levittown Educational Foundation (LEF). Dr. McDonald explained that the LEF was started a few years ago to provide additional funding to district projects and district teachers to ensure that Levittown District students receive the best possible education. The LEF has also established a scholarship for graduating seniors from Division Avenue High School and MacArthur High School in the memory of a former member of the Levittown Schools Board of Education, Kevin Regan. Dr. McDonald provided applications for membership to any LRT member who wished to join the foundation.
To view a photo slide show of photos taken at the luncheon, click on the link below.
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