LUT Acknowledged For Opt-Out Leadership

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Concerned parents from across Long Island have been pushing back for years against flawed state testing. One of the driving forces behind this activism is a group represented on Facebook as Long Island Opt-Out Info.
The organization, led by Calhoun High School alumni, Jeanette Deutermann, has over 24,000 members representing every school district in both Nassau and Suffolk County.
Recently, Mrs. Deutermann and other group moderators decided to publicly acknowledge the contributions of people and organizations who have spoken out against the state tests and in favor of a parent's right to choose. They refer to this collection of people and organizations as their Upstanders.
The Levittown United Teachers is very proud to be included as a Long Island Opt-Out Upstander. Our union will continue to support a parents' right to opt-out their child from the flawed state exams and advocate for the reform of the state tests into educationally viable assessments.
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