LUT Active and Honored at NYSUT RA

Monday, May 13, 2019


On Friday and Saturday, May 3 and 4, LUT delegates attended NYSUT's 47th Annual Representative Assembly (RA) at the Empire State Plaza and Capital Center in Albany, New York.

Representing the Levittown United Teachers were LUT President, John Caulfield, LUT Middle Schools Vice President, Dr. Lee Gardner, Fred Gladstone, Janet Jakubowski, Dr. Patricia Kolodnicki, and LUT Political Action Vice President, John Lipani.


Throughout the two-day convention, representatives from NYSUT locals from across the state discussed resolutions which will influence our state union's policy positions and activism now and in the coming years.
Some of the resolutions passed at this year's RA were resolutions to:
  • Support legislation that establishes a gender-neutral gender designation X on state-issued birth certificates and other legal documents.
  • Stand in opposition to rollbacks to Title IX regulations that have been proposed by current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.
  • Urge the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association to oppose all laws that mandate arming teachers in public schools and demand that any and all "active shooter drills" that may be called for by local or federal law enforcement take place when students are not present.
  • Encourage the state Legislature or Department of Education to set enforceable standards for reasonable working climate conditions such as room temperatures not exceeding 90 degrees or going below 65 degrees.
  • Advocate for the payment of Foundation Aid owed to New York State School Districts.
  • Urge Congress to immediately pass a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Encourage locals to invite and seek input and participation from their retirees when formulating plans and initiatives.
  • Use NYSUT's purchasing power when buying items with union logos and pro-union slogans to apply pressure on manufacturers who create a pink tax. {A pink tax is a discriminatory practice of gender pricing wherein women pay more for personal products and services than men.}
During the RA, Levittown United Teachers was honored by NYSUT with a Community Service Award. The award recognized the LUT's outstanding efforts this year to serve the community through its participation in the First Book program, financial contributions to charities such as Adopt-a-Family and Breast Cancer Research, awarding of several thousand dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors, and sponsorship of our high school cheerleading teams and community football organizations in the Levittown Community.
Well done LUT!, and thank you to our delegates for their service at this year's RA.


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