LUT Embraces Virtual Phone Bank Technology

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The wonders of modern technology are changing the way the LUT fights for the things that matter to educators and unionists.

Many of our members recall the days of heading out to the NYSUT office in Woodbury to make phone calls in support of budget votes, issues and election candidates.  Those days are officially over!

On Tuesday, March 30, several members of the LUT were quite fortunate to be introduced to the latest phone banking technology.  This new technology allows our members to make calls from the convenience of their own homes.  Through the website database connected to this system, the LUT can develop a strong ground game by honing in on voters who support education in Levittown.  This will help all the stakeholders in public education in Levittown gain the needed financial support for our schools and provide the LUT with an effective public voice to promote the people and ideas that will improve the quality of our schools.

LUT Political Action Vice President, John Lipani has spearheaded the use of this new technology.  Lipani, and the rest of the LUT Executive Officers, were delighted that 61 of our members took part in this initial training session.  In the coming weeks, phone banking dates will be set up, and more information about how our members can set up individual phone bank accounts will be provided.  We’re just getting started with this exciting new technology.  Stay tuned!

Click here to check out photos from the phonebank.

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