LUT Endorsed Board of Ed. Candidates Win in a Landslide!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

With the strong backing of the LUT, Peggy Marenghi, James Moran and Christina Lang won election to the Levittown Board of Education.

Each of the three LUT endorsed candidates won easily over the three others in the race.  The results were as follows:

Peggy Marenghi - 1,522 votes
Christina Lang - 1,470 votes
James Moran - 1,430 votes
Ed Powers - 956 votes
Thomas Lonergan - 770 votes
Maria Marciano-Xenios - 570 votes

The vote is seen as a seal of approval for the fine work being done on the board by incumbent members Marenghi and Moran, as well as an increase in support by the community for the opt-out movement of which Christina Lang has been an ardent supporter.

These election results are also a victory for the LUT whose membership worked hard in a unified effort to campaign for this slate of candidates.  Between phone banks, lawn signs, social and digital media endorsements, post cards and a strong presence on election day, the LUT came together in a big way to support members of the Levittown community who best share the LUT’s vision for the best interests of the children of the Levittown Schools.  

"Special thanks should go to the countless LUT volunteers who helped make last night possible,” said LUT Political Action Vice-President, John Lipani.  “We ran a campaign based on professionalism and integrity and the residents of Levittown had an overwhelming response.”

In addition to the Board of Education vote, the LUT also stood with the school district in support of our school budget - which passed by a 1,961 to 719 vote, and also supported an important proposition to approve capital improvement fund expenditures for needed building renovations, electrical upgrades and alterations to district buildings.  That proposition also passed by a 1,924-696 vote.

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