LUT Proudly Endorses Peggy Marenghi, James Moran and Christina Lang for Levittown Board of Education

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The LUT has always worked to foster a strong relationship with the Levittown School District’s Board of Education.  The LUT carefully considered the qualifications of each candidate before making these endorsements.

The executive officers of the LUT believe these three candidates are committed to the Levittown Community, the school children and it’s educators.  

At this time, the LUT is excited to put its full support behind this winning ticket:

Peggy Marenghi
James Moran
Christina Lang

The Officers are asking all of our members to do their part in making sure these dedicated and qualified residents of Levittown are elected!

Marenghi, Moran and Lang have a combined 70 years of experience as educators, administrators and community leaders.  They are committed to sound fiscal responsibility for the residents of Levittown, while keeping educational programs intact.  They stand united in support of a parent’s choice to opt their child out of state tests.  Marenghi, Moran and Lang are proven and tested, have sound judgment, and a common passion to help the students of Levittown.  The LUT believes electing these three candidates would keep our schools in good hands in the coming years.

Incumbent Levittown Board of Education President, Peggy Sheridan-Marenghi, was born and raised in Levittown.  She has been a strong voice on the Levittown Board of Education over the past six years, making many decisions that have had a positive impact upon the education of the children in the Levittown district.

In addition to her experience as a member of the Levittown Board of Education, Peggy Marenghi has spent 36 years working in public schools on Long Island.  She was a Teacher in the North Bellmore School District for 18 years and served in the William Floyd School District for 3 years as an Assistant Principal.  Today, Mrs. Marenghi is a Principal in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District.  In this position, she works diligently as a member of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park district’s budget planning committee to develop the budget for her school.  

In so many ways,  Peggy Marenghi has found time to help and support people both inside and outside the Levittown community.  She has taught religious education at Saint Bernard’s church and has coached girls softball, cheerleading and swimming.  Mrs. Marenghi has also volunteered with the American Red Cross, worked at Ground Zero after 9/11, and managed a shelter in Slidell, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.   

Peggy Marenghi respects the Levittown community that provided her with the tools she has used throughout her life.  She is uniquely qualified and most certainly deserving of the opportunity to continue as a member of the Levittown Schools Board of Education.

Incumbent Levittown Board of Education Vice-President, James Moran is a lifelong resident of Levittown, a proud graduate of the Levittown Public Schools (MacArthur High School, 1977) and a strong public servant of the Levittown community. 

Mr. Moran has been a member of the Levittown Schools Board of Education from 2010 to the present.  He also served on the Board of Education from 1997 to 2008, a period that included time as President of the Board of Education from 2002 to 2006. 

James Moran has devoted countless hours to making Levittown Public Schools a great place for children to learn and a great environment for our teachers to work in.  Mr. Moran has been a fixture in the Levittown community.  From Levittown North and Central baseball, to St. Bernard’s basketball to Red Devils football, he has always been willing to give his time to support his friends and family in Levittown.  Today, Mr. Moran works part time for the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management where he continues to come to the aid of people in need.

James Moran has never shied away from taking on important issues concerning the Levittown School District.  Without question, Mr. Moran has the experience, the dedication and the passion to continue to serve on the Levittown School District Board of Education.

Christina Lang is a talented educator and a parent of three children who attend the Levittown School District.  Since moving to Levittown in 2004, she has been a strong proponent of the Opt-Out movement and has been involved in many activities that support the children in this community.

For more than a decade, Christina Lang has worked as a public school teacher, witnessing first-hand the issues facing public school education today.  Since 2002, Mrs. Lang has worked at Oceanside High School where she has helped to develop and teach curriculum in all levels of Spanish language instruction from Spanish 1 through AP Spanish. 

Christina Lang has long been a vocal critic of common core curriculum and learning standards that were created without substantial input from educators and parents.  She is a proud member of Jeanette Deuterman’s Long Island Opt-Out Facebook and is a person other Levittown parents look to for up to date information on the fight to regain local control of public school education. 

Mrs. Lang has met personally with State Assemblymen Edward Ra and Tom McKevitt to voice her concerns about high stakes testing and has spoken out publicly about the negative impact recent education reforms have had on the quality of education districts can provide to their students.

Christina Lang truly understands the perspective of the parents of children who attend the Levittown School District because she is a parent herself.  She will bring her experience as an educator to the Levittown Board of Education knowing that the choices she will make will help support the education of not just her children, but all the children in Levittown. 

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