LUT Supplemental Benefits Fund Welcomes In New Director

Thursday, June 21, 2018
On Friday, June 1, the Board of Trustees of the Levittown United Teachers Supplemental Benefits Fund (LUTSBF) appointed Lisa Poggioli as the next Fund Director.
Paggioli's ties to the Levittown School District and the Levittown community are very strong. She has worked in the district as a math teacher at Salk Middle School for the past 13 years. Paggioli is also a graduate of MacArthur High School and a parent of two students who are currently attending MacArthur High School.
When asked for her thoughts on taking on this new responsibility with the LUT, Paggioli said, "I am excited to be taking over as Fund Director, and looking forward to serving our union in this capacity."
Poggioli's name was put up for nomination by LUTSBF Chairperson, John Caulfield and approved by the trustees with unanimous consent.

As they brought in a new Fund Director, the Board of Trustees also paid tribute to outgoing Fund Director, Debra Ruocco, who is retiring from the Levittown Public Schools at the end of this school year.

Ruocco served as Fund Director since 2003. Despite challenging economic times, years of no increases to the fund due to stalemates in contract negotiations, the LUTSBF thrived under Ruocco's steady and expert leadership.

Some of the achievements of the LUTSBF under Ruocco's direction include improvements to our dental and vision coverage, doubling the amount of our LUTSBF death benefit and the inception of our widely utilized LUTSBF legal services plan.
In a speech given at the June 1 meeting, LUTSBF Chairperson, John Caulfield, said, "If only the membership of LUT knew how hard Debra Ruocco has worked for them over the years." "We want you to know how much your hard work and dedication has been valued and let you know how much you will be missed."
When asked about her tenure as Fund Director, Ruocco displayed great pride in the work she has done. At the same time, she also showed support for the person who will be filling her position next year. "I know there will be better things to come with Lisa Poggioli as Director as she looks to make improvements and find new benefits," Ruocco said.
Debra plans to meet with Lisa during the summer in order to make Lisa's transition into the position a smooth one.
All of us in the LUT wish Debra all the best in her retirement and wish Lisa great success in her new role as Fund Director.
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