LUT Welcomes New Members at New Teacher Orientation

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
On Wednesday, August 25, LUT President, John Caulfield, welcomed in new members to the Levittown United Teachers.
As part of new teacher orientation, Caufield and other LUT Officers provided an overview of the many privileges and benefits of union membership, the value of staying union strong and the importance of contributions to our advocacy groups like VOTE/COPE. New members were shown how to access our LUT website, signed up to receive our text messages and emails (like this one!) and received LUT shirts that they can wear on our Red for Ed. days.
New members also received an introduction to our new teacher mentor program from Director, O'Neal Fenley, learned about our union benefits from the Director of our Supplemental Benefits Fund, Lisa Poggioli, and got an overview of the professional development opportunities and other resources available at our Levittown Teachers' Center from Director, Nara Denson.
Congratulations to our new LUT members on their new positions in the Levittown district and for joining our ranks in the Levittown United Teachers!
Jada Atchison - Northside
Nicholas Brown - Salk
Lauren Brezinski - MacArthur
Caralynn Colella - Abbey Lane
Matthew Cooley - MacArthur
Collen Curran - MacArthur/Salk
Alexandra D'Amprisi - MacArthur
Stephanie DiMarco - Lee Road
Mary Esquenazi-Wolf - Wisdom Lane
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick - Abbey Lane
Michael Gargiulo - Salk
Taylor Goehler - Abbey Lane
Jonathan Kalman - Division Avenue/MacArthur
Brian Maini - Salk
Lauren Maitles - Lee Road
Luke Merz - MacArthur
Jennifer Novello - Salk
Nicole Pappas - Lee Road
Lisa Pasquale - Salk
Carolina Reginald - LMEC
Katherine Rigano - Gardiners Avenue
Christopher Rossi - Division Avenue
Melissa Rowe - Summit Lane
Jocelyn Smith - Summit Lane
Ryan Snyder - Division Avenue/MacArthur
Elana Sulfarro - Division Avenue
Nicole Wolfe - Gardiners Avenue
Christine Yodice - Abbey Lane


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