New LRT Leaders Host Holiday Luncheon

Friday, January 6, 2023

On Wednesday, December 7, the new Co-Presidents, and the new Vice President/Treasurer of the Levittown Retired Teachers (LRT) welcomed retirees and special guests to Domenico’s restaurant in Levittown for the LRT’s annual winter luncheon.

At the Levittown United Teachers (LUT) Executive Board meeting in October, it was announced that Laura Koenig and Ronnie Avnet Stoll would be assuming the roles of Co-President and Laura Molina would be assuming the roles of Vice President and Treasurer in the LRT.  Avnet Stoll, Koenig, and Molina have each had long careers as members of the LUT and served the LUT in several leadership positions.

Laura Koenig started her teaching career in Buffalo as a substitute teacher.  She also worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Port Washington School District and as a Teacher in the New York City Schools before coming to the Levittown School District.  For 30 years, Laura taught at Wisdom Lane Middle School.  For the final 12 years of her teaching career, she served the LUT as Vice-President of Middle Schools.

Laura Molina began teaching in Catholic schools in Freeport.  In 1987, she got her first job in the Levittown Public Schools at Abbey Lane.  In 2005, she transferred to Wisdom Lane where she worked until her retirement in 2012.  In 1992, Laura Molina was elected as Building Representative at Abbey Lane.  In 1997, due to an unexpected vacancy, Laura was appointed to the position on the LUT Executive Board as Recording Secretary.  In 1988, Laura was elected as Recording Secretary and served in this position for 15 years until she retired.

Ronnie Avnet Stoll spent her entire 33½ year career in the Levittown School District.  In fact, Ronnie even did her student teaching at Abbey Lane in Levittown before taking her first full-time job in the district in 1980.  Ronnie worked at Abbey Lane, Lee Road, Summit Lane, and Wisdom Lane in several different positions in the Special Education Department including Behavioral Management, Learning Disability and Resource Room.

For the LUT, Ronnie served as a Building Representative at both Gardiners Avenue and Lee Road.  She was also the Health and Safety Committee Chairperson, a NYSUT Delegate for our Retirement System and a Trustee of the Levittown United Teachers Supplemental Benefits Fund.  Soon after joining the Levittown Retired Teachers, Ronnie formed a Sunshine Committee.  The committee sends cards to members who are under the weather or suffered a loss in their family.  As the leader of the committee, Ronnie would guide families who lost a Levittown staff member, letting them know who to notify in the Levittown district and helping them find support through the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and other resources.

When asked for her thoughts about taking on her new leadership position, Ronnie said, “I love my Levittown family!  I believe that working with Laura Koenig as the other Co-President and Laura Molina as the Vice President and Treasurer will be lots of fun.  Together, we make a great team.”

The first luncheon for the new LRT leadership was a huge success.  For the first time, the event took place in large dining room at Domenico’s.  Many LRT members enjoyed the ease of socializing and were very appreciative of the of spacious accommodations.

At the luncheon, LRT leadership fondly thanked outgoing LRT President, Jean Fontana, for her dedicated service and offered sincere thanks to Tammy Green who served the LRT as Vice President.  These two incredible women leave very large shoes for the new LRT leadership to try to fill.

LRT Co-President, Ronnie Stoll, said that Jean Fontana, “…worked tirelessly, convincing me to be an active member of the Levittown Retired Teachers.  Jean doesn’t give up and succeeded in bringing me into her fold.  I’m thrilled to continue her legacy and that of those Presidents that came before her.”

The highlight of the luncheon was the performance of the Division Avenue Chamber Singers, under the direction of Alison Sellars.  Their performance of festive songs got everyone into the holiday spirit.


Special guest speaker, Levittown Public Schools Superintendent, Todd Winch, was introduced to the retirees at the luncheon and was warmly received.  Mr. Winch spoke about all the improvements that are going on in the Levittown district and the changes in the Central Office.  Mr. Winch ended his talk by saying, “They say that those who teach touch the future.  Our educators don’t just touch the future, they create it.”

Another special guest speaker at the luncheon, LUT President, John Caulfield, gave an informative address to the LRT.  Caulfield said that things were going smoothly and was happy to announce the exciting possibility of a retirement incentive for those who meet the eligibility qualifications. 

The next LRT luncheon will take place in May.  Date and location: T.B.A. 


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