Proud to be Union

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hopefully this month's viewing of 'Education Inc.' has prompted discussions, invoked questions and has sparked interest in the direction that our profession is heading. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is a growing number of individuals, groups and corporations with deep pockets that continue to support the privatizing of public education.  This will only spell disaster for our children and our profession.

We have been disseminating information about the Supreme Court Case Friedrichs v. the  California Teachers Association (CTA).  This case is backed by the same organizations that are committed to annihilating public education.  They are billionaires who look to undermine organized labor and further diminish union strength and collective bargaining rights.  Arguments were heard in The Supreme Court on January 11th and a decision in Friedrichs will be decreed by June of this year.

With an adverse decision in Friedrichs, Unions would be put in the position of still representing workers, negotiating on their behalf and improving their working conditions without having those who benefit, share in the cost. The result of this will be catastrophic. Unions would risk  bankruptcy and our collective bargaining power would diminish significantly, thus, putting in  jeopardy all that we worked so hard to achieve; competitive salaries, health benefits, pension benefits, due process rights and safe working conditions.

But, let's not give up hope!!! We still have time to sway public opinion, and educate our  members as to the benefits of belonging to a Union!

For valuable information regarding the Friedrichs Case and its dreadful implications, please visit our website at and click on the Friedrichs link on our home page.

As unionists, we are often reminded that our strength comes in numbers.  Fighting these battles is no different.  We need everyone to be committed now, more than ever to the idea of UNION  VALUE!  Only together can we save our profession from those who seek to destroy it!

Proud to be Union!