Resounding Yes Vote for Budget! LUT Candidates Victorious!

Thursday, June 25, 2020


With well over 70% approval, the 2020-2021 Levittown District budget was approved. Despite fiscal uncertainty amplified by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Levittown community voters overwhelming supported the exceptional work of their schools and were willing to fund those efforts with their tax dollars.
In addition to the budget approval, the Levittown community also re-elected the three LUT endorsed Board of Education candidates; Dillon Cain, Jennifer Messina and Michael Pappas.
The convincing margin of victory for both the budget and the winning candidates was due in no small part to the successful political activism of the LUT in support of the best interests of our students and our schools.
LUT members certainly did not sit this one out! From lawn signs, to social media advertisements, phone banking, postcards and good, old fashioned, grass roots, person to person conversations amongst members of the Levittown community, the LUT and LRT (Levittown Retired Teachers) played an active role in getting the word out about the importance of keeping our schools well-funded, and led by experienced board members who have advocated for the best interests of our students, teachers and staff.
During a time when some experts postulated that distance learning would result in a push away from in person schooling, appreciation for the exceptional work done in public schools on a day to day basis may be on the rise. On Long Island, many districts had budgets approved by greater margins than in previous years. Across the board, there seems to be a higher level of appreciation for the entire experience provided to students in our public schools.
Please take a look at the article later in this newsletter with the list of names of LUT and LRT members who were the top callers in our Phone Banking Brigade. Thank you to these top callers and everyone who worked the phones on behalf of all of us. Congratulations and thanks should also go out to our Political Action Vice President, John Lipani, for being the driving force behind all of our political activities. We are all stronger when we stand together. And this time around, we stood together and stood as tall as ever. Well done, LUT!


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