School Vouchers Don't Work Mrs. DeVos! And The Data Says So!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Those who follow the progress, or lack thereof, of school voucher programs across our country know that in recent years the state of Louisiana's public schools have been virtually co-opted by corporation backed private schools.

A recent study put out by researchers at Tulane University shows that while vouchers and privatization of pubic schools has increased in Louisiana, students who have attended the schools that receive taxpayer funding from these vouchers have actually lost ground in their achievement compared to students who remained in the public school system.
For example, students who performed at average levels in math and reading fell 24 percentile points in math and eight points in reading after just their first year in the program.
Overall, the results of this study found that participation in the private school voucher program, "substantially reduces academic achievement."
Read the full story about this study in this article from the LA Times.
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