Take Action Now and Support Smart Legislation to Fix Public Education Laws!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The LUT strongly supports Assembly members Todd Kaminsky and Amy Paulin's comprehensive legislation that will bring common sense back to New York State Education. Combined, the five bills will:

  • End over-testing and require full test transparency (A09584 - Kaminsky)
  • Restore local control and repeal receivership law (A09578 - Kaminsky)
  • Create needed alternative pathways to graduation for students (A09579 - Kaminsky)
  • Decouple teacher/principal evaluations from test results (A09626 - Kaminsky)
  • Decouple financial penalties from teacher/principal evaluation plans if not in place by this Fall & require an expert committee to develop a research-based teacher/principal evaluation plan (A09461-Paulin)
Assembly members Kaminsky & Paulin's bills are an important start to fixing the damage done to education in New York State.
Please take action now and send a letter to your Assembly member and Senator.  Demand that they support these five bills that begin to heal the trust broken by damaging education legislation and policy.

To find the names and addresses of your elected officials, click here.

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