Time to Vote

Friday, May 12, 2017

The LUT is a proud member of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), a state-wide union with well over 600,000 members.

When you consider the number of NYSUT members and add to that family, friends, neighbors and business associates who might be inclined to support the efforts of our union, it is not difficult to realize the incredible influence we can have in deciding important elections in our state.
Each May, our local school districts decide on budgets and capital improvement plans as well as elect residents to serve on Boards of Education. The results of these elections are critical to the future of our children's education and the future of our profession.
No member of the LUT can afford to sit on the sidelines while these important votes are taking place!
This Tuesday, May 16, please get out and vote for your local school budget. In an era where districts are severely restricted by the state tax cap law, every expenditure on public education is a good expenditure and a needed one.
Please take a moment over the next few days to consider any literature or phone or email contacts you may have received from the teachers union in your community regarding candidates for Board of Education that might best serve the needs of the children in your community.
Don't hesitate for one second to voice your opinions on matters concerning public education in your community to family and friends, on social media and in public forums. As a professional in the field, yours is an educated and informed opinion on what our schools really need to be successful.  
In addition to the election next Tuesday, a special election is being held on May 23 to fill a seat in our New York State Assembly. Please read the article in this newsletter regarding our fellow educator, Christine Pellegrino, who is courageously taking on the challenge of making education a priority in our state government. Please consider doing what you can to support Christine and other candidates for election who advocate for our schools, our teachers and, most importantly, our children.

We need everyone to participate. It's time to vote! To see a list of candidates endorsed by the teachers in your school district, click here.


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