We Support a Parent's Right to Choose

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Over the past few years, parents of our students have become increasingly aware of the high stakes consequences associated with the ELA and Mathematics tests for 3rd thru 8th grade children. Last year, many Levittown parents opted to refuse the grade 3-8 tests for their children.

While it would be inappropriate for an individual teacher to advise a parent on "opting-out" of the state tests, we hope that you can use this informational letter to help you form your own decision regarding your child's educational experience. Please refer to the links on the bottom of this letter for more information about your right to refuse the test.

The Levittown United Teachers, as well as its state affiliate NYSUT, fully supports parents' right to choose what is best for their children and a parent's right to refuse the state standardized tests if the parent believes state testing is inappropriate and/or may be harmful to his or her child.

While the New York State Education Department's overreliance on state tests creates unfortunate consequences for students, teachers and schools, please know that we value your children as more than a test score.


John Caulfield, President
Levittown United Teachers

http://www.nysutorg/resources/special-resources-sites/all-kids-need/take-action  http://www.nysape.org



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