Welcome Back

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Welcome back. It is my pleasure to join you and serve you in what proves to be a very important year for our union, and unions across America.

Even in light of all the attacks on public education, you continue to do your job. You continue to be professionals by putting the children of Levittown first. You also acknowledge that what we have today is because we are fortunate to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
You have realized that it is only through our union that we are able to financially provide for our families. It is only through our union that we have a defined work day, health benefits, and a guaranteed pension when we retire. We know, it is only through our union, that we have a collective voice in our workplace that allows us to passionately advocate for ourselves and, most importantly, our students.
How can I be so sure about the level of commitment to our union? Well, when we asked you last year to recommit to our union, almost every single LUT member signed the recommitment cards. In addition, every single new teacher and teacher assistant hired for this school year has signed their union card. I am extremely proud to say that we have 99.9% membership for the Levittown United Teachers - a Union of almost 900 professionals. You decided to stick with your Union, proving that together we can accomplish anything and will continue to do so.
This year we will be asking for you to stay involved. For example, in November, we need to send a clear message in the upcoming elections to those politicians who seek to destroy public education that we will resist their efforts at every turn. It is time to use our power at the ballot box to purge the Statehouse of our enemies and make sure that public education is a top priority for our elected representatives.
We will also be entering contract negotiations this year and will need to hear your voice. Our negotiating team will be launching their listening tour at the end of this month. It is important that you attend these listening sessions. It is imperative that we hear what you believe is good for our union.
I am so proud to be your President during these difficult times. Thank you for always stepping up! Have a great school year!