100% Membership...and Growing

Friday, August 30, 2019

Two years ago, corporate funded special interests brought a lawsuit to the Supreme Court of the United States that attacked the rights of unions to defend workers in their places of business. Upon receiving a favorable ruling in the case, anti-union activists quickly declared victory in their battle to weaken unions.

Boy, were they wrong!
Approval for unions and enrollment in them has actually been on the rise in recent years, and LUT is a prime example. At this time 100% of every eligible employee in our school district is a dues-paying member of the LUT.
Last week, the LUT added to its ranks 34 newly hired counselors, teachers and teaching assistants. We welcome them all to our union and wish the them the very best as they embark on their careers here in Levittown. We are all LUT and we are union strong!
Matthew Abgarian - Division Avenue
Cindy Baez - Abbey Lane
Susan Ballantyne - Salk
Tracy Behar - MacArthur
Laurie Bocca - Division Avenue
Danielle Bottaro - MacArthur
Michelle Brennan - Salk
Laura D'Aquila - East Broadway
Luiza Georgescu - Abbey Lane
Victoria Gianatiempo - Salk
Vanessa Gonzalez - Gardiners Avenue
Rachel Herbert - Gardiners Avenue
Kimberly Hnis - Abbey Lane
Melanie Kramer - Wisdom Lane/Division Avenue
Chava Langer - Lee Road
Justine Lebedz - Salk
Emily Levine - East Broadway/Salk
Kaitlyn Lombardo - Northside
Amanda Malizia - Abbey Lane/MacArthur
Jessica Miller - MacArthur
Alissa Mione - Abbey Lane
Sherice Naimool-Chadee - MacArthur
JoAnn Papach - Salk
Jacqueline Parsekian - MacArthur
Katie Perpall - East Broadway
Shannon Piccione - Wisdom Lane
Christopher Rispoli - Northside
Helen Russo - MacArthur
Michele Sovinsky - Salk
Angelia Stano - Abbey Lane
Krystal Townend - MacArthur
Carolyn Tully - Division Avenue/MacArthur
Harris Wichard - MacArthur
Francis Ziegler - Division Avenue/MacArthur


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