EPI Says Employers Violate Law in Four of Every Ten Elections!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A comprehensive report conducted by the University of Oregon and the Economic Policy Institute found that when it comes to union elections, employers have been getting their hands dirty time and time again.

In 41.5% of all union elections, employers have been charged with violating federal law in regard to allowing workers the opportunity to vote to organize. The report also has statistical evidence that in 20% of union elections, workers are illegally fired because of their union interest and participation.
In addition, the report finds that employers spend well over $300 million annually on so-called union avoidance consultants to try and stop their employees from organizing.
It is common knowledge that unions are great for workers and that more and more workers seek to organize for their common benefit every day. Statistics show that, on average, a worker covered by a union negotiated contract earns 10-15% more than a non-union worker with the same education and experience doing the exact same job. This EPI and University of Oregon report, published last month, shows the full extent to which wealthy corporate interests will resort to coercion and illegal tactics in order to stop workers from unionizing.
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