Godfather of Common Core Admits Failure

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
For more than a decade, the Gates Foundation - run by Bill and Melinda Gates and financed primarily from the massive fortune of Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates - has invested heavily in Common Core curriculum. Now, after spending an estimated $400 million and influencing lawmakers to invest $4 trillion in taxpayer dollars, Bill Gates is now admitting that the whole thing was one big mistake.
An article written by Joy Pullmann for The Federalist documents the results, or lack thereof, of the Gates Foundations' efforts to improve education with Common Core curriculum.
Last October, Bill Gates gave a speech in Cleveland which discussed the failure of Common Core. Remarks made by Gates in his speech were also posted online by Gates on his blog. Amongst the many concessions made by Gates is the fact that Common Core was never piloted on a smaller scale before it was rolled out as a national solution to issues in public education.
In addition to his admission about the failures of Common Core curriculum, Gates also stated that plans which tie teacher evaluations to test scores also didn't work and his foundation will no longer advocate for such plans in the future.
To be sure, Gates' remarks have been acknowledged by advocates in public education as an essential step towards returning decisions regarding public education away from corporate America and back to the stakeholders in public education; the teachers, administrators and parents.
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