LUT Constitution Reform Committee is Hard at Work

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
The infamous ruling by the Supreme Court in the 2018 Janus v. ASCFME case has resulted in several law changes regarding how unions can operate. These changes have forced several unions, including ours, to revise their constitutions to bring these documents in accordance with current law.
Last Spring, LUT President, John Caulfield, recommended to the LUT Executive Board that a Special Committee be formed to review our union constitution and suggest any reforms that might be necessary. The formation of the committee was approved by the Executive Board at the June Executive Board meeting. The following members of the LUT volunteered to serve on the committee: Stephen Austin, Bernadette Bissoondial, LUT President, John Caulfield, Nicole Dawson, Donna Bonomo, Donna DiPalo, Nancy LiVolsi, Joseph Romano and Joseph Sparaco. The committee agreed to name Joseph Romano as its Chairperson.

The Constitution Reform Committee met several times during the Summer of 2021 and has continued to meet monthly during the school year. The committee has looked at the entire LUT constitution from top to bottom not only for areas that are not in line with recent changes to national law but other possible sections that should be reformed. 
Our union constitution can only be changed through a referendum vote of our membership. 60% or more of our members must cast a valid vote and at least two-thirds of those who cast a vote must vote in favor for the referendum to pass. The last time our union constitution was changed was in June of 2015. This was the only time our constitution has been revised in the past decade.
Later this spring, the Constitution Reform Committee will report to the LUT Executive Board as to what revisions to our constitution may be necessary and present a proposal for a referendum vote. Thank you to the members of this committee for their time and hard work to make sure our LUT constitution represents the values and actions of the Levittown United Teachers.


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