LUT Proudly Endorses Christina Lang and Peggy Marenghi for Re-election to the Levittown Board of Education

Friday, May 6, 2022
The Levittown United Teachers (LUT) has endeavored to foster a strong, positive relationship with the Levittown School District Board of Education. Each year, the LUT carefully considers the qualifications of each Board of Education candidate before deciding on endorsements in the school board election.
The Executive Officers of the LUT believe these two incumbent members of the Board of Education have time and time again demonstrated their expertise in leading and managing our schools and have shown an unyielding commitment to the Levittown community and those who work and learn in the Levittown School District. At this time, the LUT is excited to put its full support behind this winning ticket:
Christina Lang
Peggy Marenghi
The Executive Officers are asking all our members to do their part in making sure these dedicated and qualified residents of Levittown are re-elected!
Lang and Marenghi have years of experience as educators, administrators, and community leaders. They are committed to sound fiscal responsibility for the residents of Levittown, while keeping educational programs intact. They also stand united in support of a parent’s choice to opt their child out of state tests.  

Lang and Marenghi are proven, tested, have sound judgment, and a common passion to help the students of Levittown. They have bravely led our school district during these past two challenging school years. Re-electing them will keep our schools in good hands in the coming years.
Incumbent Levittown Board of Education President, Peggy Sheridan-Marenghi, was born and raised in Levittown. She has been a strong voice on the Levittown Board of Education over the past twelve years, making many decisions that have had a positive impact upon the education of the children in the Levittown district.
In addition to her experience as a member of the Levittown Board of Education, Peggy has spent 36 years working in public schools on Long Island. She taught for 18 years in the North Bellmore School District and served as Principal in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District and as an Assistant Principal in the William Floyd School District. Today, Mrs. Marenghi is a Professor in the Education Department at Molloy College.  
In so many ways, Peggy Marenghi has found time to help and support people both inside and outside the Levittown community. She has taught religious education at Saint Bernard’s church and has coached girls’ softball, cheerleading and swimming. Mrs. Marenghi has also volunteered with the American Red Cross, worked at Ground Zero after 9/11, and managed a shelter in Slidell, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.   
Peggy Marenghi respects the good people of Levittown and the community that provided her with the tools she has used throughout her life. She is uniquely qualified and most certainly deserving of the opportunity to continue as a member of the Levittown Schools Board of Education.
Christina Lang is a talented educator and a parent of three children who attend the Levittown School District. For over 20 years, Christina has worked as a public-school teacher, witnessing first-hand the issues facing public school education today. Since 2002, Mrs. Lang has worked at Oceanside High School where she has helped to develop and teach curriculum to all levels of Spanish language instruction from Spanish 1 through AP Spanish. 
Mrs. Lang moved to Levittown in 2004. She has served on the Levittown Board of Education for the past 6 years and has had a positive impact on the Board, the school district, and the community. During her tenure on the board, she has supported the implementation of technology into the classroom to prepare students for the future, encouraged the creation of courses at the College and AP level to help students and parents offset the cost of college. Mrs. Lang has been a part of a school board that kept the budget below the 2 percent mandated tax cap while not sacrificing programs or teaching positions.   
During the challenging past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christina worked closely with the Levittown District Central Office to keep schools open and create the as normal of a learning environment as possible. As we have transitioned out of the public health crisis, Mrs. Lang has led the effort to create programs to meet the needs of the students with learning loss and address the social and emotional challenges that came because of the pandemic. 
As a sitting board member Christina Lang has a deep understanding of initiatives that began before the onset of the pandemic and the need to continue with what was interrupted by the upheaval of the last 2 years. She is also familiar with learning loss and has done great work while on the Board of Education to develop and implement strategies to bridge any learning gaps students may have as they proceed into the future.
In addition to her extensive work on the Levittown Board of Education, Christina has committed herself to hours of volunteer work. She was the coordinator of the 5th grade fundraising committee and volunteered at the Levittown food pantry during the pandemic. Mrs. Lang has helped to raise over $30,000 dollars for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and raised funds for the American Cancer Society. When Oceanside was devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Christina helped to clear homes and providing residents with essential items. Those who know Christina Lang well know that she is always the first person to offer to help when someone is in need.

Christina Lang truly understands the perspective of the parents of children who attend the Levittown School District because she is a parent herself. She will continue to bring her experience as an educator and a current board member to the Levittown Board of Education knowing that the choices she makes will support the education of not just her children, but all the children in the Levittown School District. 

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