LUT Proudly Endorses Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran for the Board of Education

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The LUT has always worked to foster a strong relationship with the Levittown School District’s Board of Education.  Before deciding whether or not to endorse candidates in a Board of Education election, the LUT carefully considers the qualifications of each candidate.

The Executive Officers of the LUT believe that these two candidates remain committed to the Levittown community and the students and educators in the Levittown Public Schools.  At this time, the LUT is excited to put its full support behind this winning ticket:

Marianne Diliberti Adrian

James Moran

The LUT leadership is asking our members to do their part in making sure Marianne and James are re-elected to the Board of Education on May 18th.

Diliberti Adrian and Moran have decades of experience as leaders in the Levittown community.  They have served on our Board of Education for many years and have successfully guided our school district through one of the most challenging periods in our history.

Diliberti Adrian and Moran are committed to sound fiscal responsibility for the residents of Levittown, while keeping educational programs intact.  They also stand united in support of a parent’s choice to opt their child out of state tests.  Adrian Diliberti and Moran are proven and tested, have sound judgment, and share a common passion for helping the students of the Levittown Public Schools.  The LUT believes re-electing these two candidates would keep our schools in good hands in the coming years.

Incumbent Board of Education Trustee, Marianne Diliberti Adrian, has been an active member of the Board of Education since 2015.  Some of her many accomplishments while on the Board include renovations to school facilities such as auditoriums and athletic fields, upgrading our Driver Education vehicles and the repaving of all our school parking lots.  Marianne also spearheaded an effort to upgrade our district HVAC systems for improved ventilation and helped to implement an energy performance contract that has reduced district energy costs with zero out of pocket expense to the taxpayer.

Diliberti Adrian is a graduate of the Levittown Public Schools and a lifelong resident of Levittown.  She has worked tirelessly as a member of the Board of Education to guide our schools and our community through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Her work has included directing enhanced safety measures in our schools, ensuring that each of our students had computer tablets and our schools were equipped with the technology needed to provide quality remote learning.

Marianne has long supported the rights of parents to opt-out their children from state exams and for many years has been endorsed by Long Island Opt-out.  She has very positive relationships with not only her fellow members of the Board of Education, but also our District Central Administration and the LUT.  Most importantly, Marianne has children of her own in the Levittown Public Schools and has the valuable perspective that comes from being not just a member of the Board of Education but also a parent. 

“Being personally honored with an endorsement from the LUT speaks to the strong bond and working relationship we have,” Diliberti Adrian said.  “I am proud to have earned their endorsement for my third election.  Thank you, LUT!”

Marianne Diliberti Adrian has always advocated for the best interests of the children of the Levittown Public Schools.  If re-elected, she will provide the strong, experienced leadership we need on the Board of Education. 

Incumbent Levittown Board of Education Trustee, James Moran is a lifelong resident of Levittown, a proud graduate of the Levittown Public Schools (MacArthur High School, 1977) and a strong public servant of the Levittown community.

Mr. Moran has been a member of the Levittown Schools Board of Education from 2010 to the present.  He also served on the Board of Education from 1997 to 2008, a period that included time as President of the Board of Education from 2002 to 2006.

James Moran has devoted countless hours to making the Levittown Public Schools a great place for children to learn in and a great environment for our teachers to work in.  Mr. Moran has been a fixture in the Levittown community.  From Levittown North and Central baseball, to St. Bernard’s basketball to Red Devils football, he has always been willing to give his time to support to his friends and family in Levittown.  Today, Mr. Moran works part time for the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management where he continues to come to the aid of people in need.

“I was elected to the Board of Education for the first time in 1997 and I did so with the endorsement of the LUT,” Moran said.  “Since then, having them in my corner has shown to be a great partnership.”

James Moran has never shied away from taking on important issues concerning the Levittown School District.  Without question, Mr. Moran has the experience, the dedication, and the passion to continue to serve on the Levittown School District Board of Education.

Please make sure to vote YES for the proposed school budget and for Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran on Tuesday, May 18.




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