A Message from President John Caulfield

Monday, May 30, 2016
As I reflect upon last week's Board of Education election results, I cannot be more honored to represent a group of such hard-working, dedicated professionals.
Having all three of our endorsed candidates win by such large margins could not have been possible without your activism. I want to thank all of you for helping! Whether it was participating in virtual phone banking, voting within the community, handing out fliers or simply informing community members about our slate, it was our unified efforts and faith in the process that yielded such unprecedented results.
Together we made over 3,500 phone calls targeting over 1,500 pro-education voters in Levittown. We ran a high-level, professional campaign based on honesty and integrity. To say these efforts paid off is an understatement. The re-election of Peggy Marenghi and James Moran to the BOE, along with the overwhelming response to newcomer, Christina Lang, is an affirmation by the community that they trust their educators and want their district to continue its success. Tuesday was indeed a major victory for education in Levittown!
I want to give a special thank you to our Political Action Vice-President, John Lipani, whose tireless efforts and coordination with Nassau NYSUT made all the difference and to our Officers of the LUT for their determination in making this process work from beginning to end. Thank you to all the Building Reps. and PAC Liaisons for keeping members informed and motivating them to get involved.
Our combined efforts over the past few weeks are the perfect example of what we can accomplish when we organize, become active and stand united! I have complete confidence that together we can face whatever challenges lie ahead.
Proud to be Union.