Phone Banking for Jackie Gordon and Monica Martinez

Monday, October 19, 2020
There's no question that national politics is as polarized as ever.  But, one thing experts will always tell you is that what really matters to our day to day lives is not national elections, but the local politics happening right in our own communities.
For this election, NYSUT is asking us to give our support to two of our own members who are running in elections here on Long Island. Jackie Gordon is running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in a district that covers parts of Nassau and Suffolk counties.  Jackie is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who spent three decades working in New York public schools. Monica Martinez is an incumbent State Senator from Suffolk County district 3 and is running for re-election.  Monica graduated from Brentwood High School and later worked as an educator for many years in the Brentwood district. 
Jackie and Monica are NYSUT members who support public education and unions like ours and would be strong allies for the causes we fight for every day.
Please follow the directions below to make phone banking calls on behalf of Jackie and Monica.  Because early voting is already underway, we are hoping to bank as many calls as we can as early as we can.  Phone banking is open every day from 10AM-9PM.  For those concerned about using your personal phone number to make calls, you can block your number by using *67, or, you can create a Google phone number and make calls right from your computer using Google Voice.  See the link below on how to set that up.
Thank you, in advance, for doing your part to help some of our own NYSUT members in this election!
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