Reflecting on a Great Year and Looking Forward to the Next

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

As another year comes to an end, I would like us all to reflect on our hard work and the positive results our labor has finally yielded. However, I also want to urge you to continue to be mindful of the future.

With everyone's support and hard work, we managed an overwhelming victory, as the ConCon was defeated with over 83% of the vote!
This could not have been accomplished without a united effort.
Now, as we face a new year, we unfortunately face new threats - and it's imperative that we keep the positive momentum going.
An adverse decision will have a significant impact on our future and the future of unions. This impact could be felt as soon as June 2018.

Janus seeks to overturn 40 years of established law and would allow workers to continue to receive all the benefits the union provides - collective bargaining, legal defense against wrongful termination, and other contractual benefits our forefathers have worked so hard to establish - without having to pay their 'fair share' of the costs.
At the start of the new year, you will be receiving an abundance of information from LUT leadership at all levels. Officers, Ambassadors and Building Reps. will be having one-on-one conversations with members regarding the pitfalls of Janus.
The only chance we have to maintain all the benefits we've fought so hard to acquire over the last 75 years, is to educate ourselves and our union colleagues on the value of being UNION. The Supreme Court may be able to take away our right to a fair share fee for our services, but it cannot take away our right to belong to a strong and vibrant union!
I have no doubt that with a continued united effort, we will once again persevere!
In the meantime, please enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family. Also, try and savor the much-needed rest that you all deserve.
Thank you for all that you do!
Best wishes!