Remember when: District welcomes its new teachers

Monday, December 14, 2015
This article was first published 15 years ago when our 15 year veteran teachers got their start in our district.  Enjoy this trip down memory lane.
Among the many fresh faces seen in and about Levittown's schools this fall, some belong to a new crop of full-time teachers. To fill the void created when many longtime teachers opted for retirement last school year, the district welcomed 94 educators over the summer - the single largest influx of instructional staff in Levittown history.
Some of the new teachers worked as substitutes for the district or served as student teachers while completing their degrees. A three-day orientation was held for them at the Levittown Memorial Education Center. Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Robert Davis, addressing the new personnel, told them "We wish you all the success in the world. Your success means success for our students."
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Herman Sirois, made a presentation to the group to fill them in on the district's vital statistics. This included everything from a graphic depiction of where the various buildings are located to Levittown's above-average performance on state assessment tests and the median cost of a local home. "We have a belief in Levittown that the education students get here will make a big difference in
their lives," he said.
Nearly a dozen new teachers attended Levittown schools themselves. First year science teacher Jason Van Eron, a 1991 MacArthur graduate, said returning to his alma mater " very exciting. I hope I can help students to learn."
Valerie Spicer, who graduated from MacArthur in 1993, considers her local roots "...a big asset. Since I'm from Levittown, it will help my students relate to me, which is important."
New teachers from various other locales are similarly enthused. "The people are great in this district," said David Goldman, who will teach English at Division. "I'm really looking forward to this."
Anne Stephan, who will lead a third-grade class at Summit Lane, spent the last four years as an instructor at a parochial school. "I came here because I needed to expand my horizons and I think have a lot to offer," she said.
Kelly Penna, who was a student teacher at Northside while attending SUNY Old Westbury, will teach a special education kindergarten class at Abbey Lane. Her goal, she said, " to help these children become part of the mainstream. It feels good to be needed."
On the last day of orientation, Levittown's new staffers were treated to a barbecue in the Memorial courtyard. These recent colleagues are (from left): Christina Perciballi, Erica Emmons, David Levy, O'Neal Keegan, Julie Grimaldi and Diana Vittorio. Manning the grill are culinary arts instructors Audre Pullo and William Samboy.
Nearly a dozen of the district's new teachers were educated in Levittown's schools. They are: (Back, from left): Kerri Kenngott, Kathryn Heffernan, Jeffrey Aiello, Sean Bradley, Thomas Tuttle; (Front, from left): Alice LoGuidice, Tara Murano, Julie Jennaco, Jason Van Eron, Valerie Spicer and Marie Gallina.
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