Staying Union Strong this Summer

Monday, August 5, 2019

As we all enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation, it is important to stay vigilant regarding attacks on union rights and stay up to date on current issues in public education. That's what this newsletter is all about. As expected, anti-union groups - funded by the wealthy elite and large corporations - have been out in full force recently, spreading lies about unions and encouraging people to withdraw their union membership.

It is important to remember that the great contract we just signed in Levittown and all of the many benefits we have enjoyed over the years are a direct result of the ability of our union to show strength and resolve in negotiations.

In addition to getting us a fair contract, all union members receive benefits that non-union workers can only dream about:
  • Expert, experienced legal representation in disciplinary hearings
  • Resolution of work grievances and issues concerning workplace safety
  • Insurance that all workers share equally in benefits and wages obtained in a collectively bargained contract
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • A guaranteed pension upon retirement
Why do big business leaders and large corporations want to weaken unions? Well, the answer is simple and is spelled out clearly in the video below:
Those with a particular interest in breaking teachers' unions like ours think that the summertime is a good time to attack because we aren't together to provide support to one another. Let's make sure we prove them wrong! If you are contacted on the phone, via email, on social media, or by someone knocking on your front door, just let them you are sticking with your union.
Also, please check out NYSUT's website for further information and materials on defending union rights against anti-labor groups. Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay union strong!
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