UAW Strike Enters Second Week

Monday, September 23, 2019
On Monday, September 16, nearly 50,000 members of the United Auto Workers went on strike against the corporate greed of General Motors.
Factories and warehouses across the country have been shut down in the UAW's first national strike in over a decade. 3,500 of the UAW workers now on the picket lines are employed right here in New York State.


A collective bargaining agreement signed by GM and UAW in 2015 has now expired, compelling the UAW to take action in an effort to get a fair new contract for its workers.
During the government bailout of the auto industry from 2008 to 2014, UAW made many sacrifices to help keep the industry afloat. Today, the auto industry is thriving. And although they gave up so much during harder times, the hard-working members of the UAW aren't receiving their fair share of the economic gains that they have helped General Motors to achieve.
The UAW strike gained additional national attention this week as two Presidential candidates, former Vice President, Joe Biden, and Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, joined striking General Motors workers on picket lines on Sunday, September 22. Biden was in Kansas City, Kansas, while Warren was with workers in Detroit.
Please visit the AFL-CIO and UAW social media pages for the latest news on the strike and consider sending a message of solidarity to these brave union brothers and sisters who are making incredible sacrifices now to protect their future and that of the families.


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