Closing Out Another Great Year

Friday, June 22, 2018
Once again, this school year proved that we can accomplish anything when we stand united.
Carrying forward the momentum created last year, September saw us hit the ground running...
Members spent the fall honing all their efforts on educating friends, families and colleagues regarding the dreadful pitfalls of holding a state Constitutional Convention. Collaborating with other public unions, we voted 'NO' and helped defeat the proposition with nearly 83% of the vote.
This was not only a victory that helped preserve our valuable, defined pension plan, it also secured other invaluable rights that Unions have fought so hard to obtain. Additionally, and equally as important, it sent a clear message to deep pocket, big business organizations that seek to destroy unions that we are mighty and when united, we will not be defeated!
After ConCon, we did not slow down. Members harnessed the positive momentum and volunteered to be part of our very successful Union Ambassador program. With the anticipation of an adverse ruling in the JANUS case, and the threat of losing agency fees becoming a reality, membership stepped it into high gear. Ambassadors were trained and engaged members in meaningful conversations about Union solidarity. Their hard work on a re-enrollment campaign yielded a 99.9% union participation rate!
Thank you. This type of response is a true endorsement of your Union and your voice is undeniable. No matter what the legal verdict renders, you have spoken - You are Sticking with Your Union!!!
Locally, we had other exciting news...we were able to negotiate a lucrative 'Separation Incentive' with the District! This is another great example of good things that can happen when we work together. Thirty teachers and four TAs took advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I want to wish all of them well as they enter the next stage of their life. Congratulations and best of luck!
Among the retirees, is our very own Benefits' Fund Director - Debra Ruocco. Debra has served as Fund Director since 2003. Under her leadership, we have seen our dental and eyeglass coverage improve, increases in our in-service death benefits, savings on our disability plans and the inception of a popular legal service plan. Debra has always put our members first and worked incessantly on trying to get as much as she could for us, often with limited resources.
Debra, on behalf of the Levittown United Teachers and its membership we thank you for your years of dedication and service to the educators of Levittown. We wish you a happy and healthy retirement!
As of July 1st, please help me welcome, Lisa Poggioli, math teacher at Jonas E. Salk Middle School as she assumes this challenging role of Fund Director and looks to carry on the tradition of providing our membership with exceptional benefits! Good luck Lisa!
On behalf of your union, thank you for all your hard work this year. Your dedication has me confident that we will be triumphant in any battle that comes our way...
I wish all of you a well-deserved summer vacation. Please enjoy this time with your friends and family. In Unity.