LUT Phone Banking Brigade Prize Winners

Thursday, June 3, 2021
For this past election, our phone banking brigade made hundreds of calls in support of our school budget and our union endorsed Board of Education candidates.
Many of our current LUT members and retirees stepped up and joined the phone banking brigade. Our prize winners are listed below. If for any reason, anyone feels their name is missing or listed in the wrong prize tier, please contact the union office and let us know. Congratulations!
Tier 1: 20-39 phone calls
Prize = $10 Dunkin' Gift Card
James San Filippo
Tier 2: 40-59 phone calls
Prize = $25 Amazon Gift Card
Maria Fedorko
Jean Schadt
Tier 3: 60 or more phone
Prize = $50 Amazon Gift Card
Jon Anglim
Dana Dunleavy
Jean Fontana
Jen Gorske
Eileen Kirk
Patricia Kolodnicki
Laurette Nally


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