LUT Proudly Endorses Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran for Re-election to the Board of Education.

Monday, May 7, 2018
The Levittown United Teachers (LUT) is an organization made up of hard-working, passionate, professionals dedicated to providing a high-quality education to the children of the Levittown community. Many of our members are not only employed by the Levittown district but are also residents of Levittown and send their own children to the Levittown Schools.
Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran have served admirably and effectively on the Board of Education. Together, they have a combined 20 years of experience. The Levittown United Teachers feel strongly that, at this time, a change in direction from two strong, dedicated, proven leaders is not warranted.

Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran care deeply about the students in the Levittown district. In response to the rash of gun violence in schools across our country, Marianne and James have taken the lead with other leaders in our district to do everything they can to ensure that the tragedies that have occurred elsewhere will not happen here. They have always placed the best interests of our students first and have also been sensitive to the needs of everyone in the district, from our administration to our faculty and staff.

Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran are longtime residents of the Levittown community. They respect the idea that the Board of Education, administration, parents, students and staff are all part of the same team with a shared interest in making the Levittown Public Schools the best it can be.

Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran strongly support a parent's right to opt-out their children from state tests. They have supported the choices of parents that have resulted in Levittown having one of the highest opt-out rates of any district on Long Island. They have not yielded to the scare tactics that some in our state education department have attempted to use on districts to force compliance with state tests that are flawed in many ways.
Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran have led our district through very tough financial times. They have done so responsibly and effectively, never once proposing a budget to taxpayers that exceeded the 2% tax cap. We applaud them for their efforts in this regard knowing what a difficult job it is to make the hard choices concerning the needs of our district and our community.
The LUT proudly endorses Marianne Diliberti Adrian and James Moran for re-election to their positions on the Board of Education and looks forward to working with them to continue our district's success in the years to come. We encourage everyone to get out and vote on May 15th for Marianne and James and in favor of our proposed school budget.
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