LUT Strongly Endorses Todd Kaminsky In State Senate District #9

Thursday, April 14, 2016

While New York Democrats and Republicans will be voting next Tuesday in Presidential primaries, another important election will be taking place that will have a major impact on the state’s political landscape.

Democratic Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky is running for the state senate seat left vacant last May by Dean Skelos when he resigned amidst a corruption scandal.

Assemblyman Kaminsky’s ideas for reforming education are directly in line with the values shared by the vast majority of parents, teachers and administrators.

Last March, Assemblyman Kaminsky sponsored four bills in Albany that seek to offer relief to the children of New York from the destructive education policies of recent years.  Some of the reforms called for by Kaminsky include:

  • Immediately decoupling teacher evaluations from test results and directing the Board of Regents to establish a committee to research and develop an alternate, research-based method for teacher evaluations.
  • A repeal of state takeovers of failing schools.
  • A reduction of unnecessary and excessive state testing.
  • Creating an alternate pathway to graduation by establishing a Career and Practical Education (CPE) pathway to a high school diploma that would provide a valuable alternative for students who do not wish to take – or are unable to pass – the Regents exams.

Learn more about Senator Kaminsky’s reform bills here.

Unfortunately, anti-public education special interest groups have bankrolled the other candidate in this election and are flooding the airwaves with misleading information and erroneous claims about Assemblyman Kaminsky’s excellent public service record.

Don’t let big money special interests buy this important election!  If you live in state senate district # 9 - covering Long Beach, Rockville Centre and surrounding areas - remember to get out and vote for a true friend to public education, Todd Kaminsky!

Click here to find out about Kaminsky's opponent and a rally that LUT has planned against him.

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