Phase In Starting March 1

Friday, February 19, 2021

Hi Everyone!

First, let us start by saying how amazing you all have been.  We know it has been said often, but opening our schools in September and providing the students of Levittown instruction under these conditions, was no easy task.  Our elementary teachers have been teaching full, in-person classes and reshaped the way they teach their craft while keeping their students and themselves safe.  Our secondary teachers have climbed mountains and with insufficient training, learned and honed an instructional technology model that is foreign and never meant to be in classrooms.  Despite all these hurdles, we are still standing.  The success that can be found in Levittown is owed to all of you.

With Spring approaching, vaccination efforts underway, data indicating that schools are safe places to be, the introduction of high-risk sports, and positivity rates on the decline, moving towards an in-person model is the overwhelming trend for Long Island school districts.  The Board of Education in Levittown, based on all of these factors, made a decision to begin a phase in approach to bringing more kids back to in-person learning starting March 1st.

Much like September, a decision like this is going to heighten emotions for some people.  We want to reassure you that we will continue to do everything we can throughout this process to advocate for our members and keep our schools as safe as possible.

We have made it this far.  This will be no different. Together we will continue to persevere with any challenges that come our way.

In Unity,

John Caulfield

Donna DiPalo

Lee Gardner

John Lipani

Nancy LiVolsi

Sal Pulice

Heidi Savino