Say No to Anti-Union Groups this Summer

Thursday, June 20, 2019
During the summer months, corporate funded anti-union groups will be out in full force seeking to convince union members to give up their valuable rights and leave their unions.
The bottom line is that the wealthy non-working business owners and corporate executives would rather pocket more of their profits then share that wealth with those who do all of the work, and they weakening unions as the best way to achieve their ends.
The video below explains what anti-union special interests want and why they want it.
Unions provide workers with so many important rights and services including:
  • Legal representation in disciplinary hearings
  • Resolution in work grievances
  • Ensuring workplace safety
  • Insurance that all workers share equally in benefits and wages obtained in a collectively bargained contract
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • A guaranteed pension upon retirement
In unity there is strength. Big business leaders know this and would rather bully around individual workers instead of taking on a strong, united work force. If you are contacted on the phone or via email or social media, just let them know you are sticking with your union. You can also print out the images in this article and put it on your door or in a window to ensure that anti-union solicitors don't come knocking and leave you alone.
Stay union strong and have a great summer!
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