School Budgets Pass Easily, Union Endorsed BoE Candidates Prevail

Thursday, June 6, 2019
On Tuesday, May 21, voters across New York showed their unwavering support for public education as well as their trust in local unions to endorse pro-public education candidates for Boards of Education.
98 percent of all school budgets were approved, and, in a sign of real progress, 10 school districts were successful in overriding the state property tax cap by receiving a 60 percent supermajority vote in favor of their budget proposals.
In addition to widespread success in school budget votes, New York voters also elected union-endorsed candidates for Boards of Education, some of whom are themselves NYSUT members.

Local unions within NYUST were actively involved in 229 school board races statewide. 90 percent of candidates supported by those local unions won election. 29 current NYSUT members were elected to school board seats.

Commenting on the success of this year's vote, NYSUT President, Andy Pallotta said, "Parents and community members showed their commitment to strong public education by resoundingly approving school budgets statewide in near-unanimous fashion yet again and electing to school boards educators dedicated to serving their area's students." "At a time when resources have been limited, it has never been more important for voters to stay engaged in and support our public school students and their dedicated teachers."

By continually supporting the passage of school budgets and ensuring that school districts are led by Boards of Education that put the needs of our children first, NYSUT has once again shown itself to be one of the strongest advocates for public education anywhere in our country.


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