School Districts are ‘Not Required to Report Vaccination Information at this Time'

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Earlier this morning, we all received an email from Central Office clarifying that school districts are ‘not required to report vaccination information at this time…’

When we received the initial request at the beginning of this week, your local and state union leadership immediately took action.  The request by the District came as a result of an Executive Order from the Governor.  An order the District was forced to comply with and also respond to, in an unreasonable amount of time.  Upon careful review of the Executive Order, NYSUT raised a number of concerns regarding the privacy of protected medical and health information.  We all now await a revised executive order to address the concerns that NYSUT brought forth.  I would like to personally acknowledge the excellent work of NYSUT advocating on our behalf concerning this matter.

In a few weeks, we will mark the one-year anniversary of the initial closure of schools due to the pandemic.  As a way of acknowledging this date and as a show of overall solidarity, union brothers and sisters from across Long Island will be participating in a ‘Wear Red for Ed Day’.  This day is scheduled for March 12th.  We hope you will save the date and join together with our colleagues as a reminder of all the hard-work educators have done over the last year to keep our kids learning. As educators, we are all in this together and will get through this together!

I know that some rumblings have already started to be heard about what next year may bring.  Right now, unfortunately, there are still so many unknowns.  So much is dependent upon our continued progress with infection rates, SED regulations, budgetary constraints, and, of course, direction from the Governor’s Office.  I know it’s hard in times like these to be patient, but we have no choice.  In the meantime, let’s focus on getting through the challenges that are immediately upon us.

What occurred this week is yet another example of the importance of union strength and representation.  As mentioned in a message on Monday, the Officers and I will continue to look out for your best interests as we navigate through these difficult times.  Please be assured that we will always look after the health & safety and right to privacy concerns of our membership.

In Unity,