Tell the Regents to Stop the Insanity

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center to email your Regents and urge them to:

  • Vote "NO" on the state's emergency June regulations on Annual Professional Performance Reviews;
  • Support NYSUT's proposed changes to those regs to provide all immediate relief possible from the state's widely repudiated use of the "growth model" and other unsupported evaluation practices; and
  • ¬†Work together with parents and educators on any and all future action needed to fix this bad system.

Take action now on the NYSUT Member Action Center to email your Regents!

The Regents are scheduled to take final action Sept. 16 so don't delay. Parents and teachers are united in calling for an end to the damaging over-testing of students and the unfair system of evaluations that reduces students and teachers to a single number. Tell the Regents to stand with parents and teachers to create a truly fair evaluation system that ends over-reliance on student test scores and restores the joy of learning for our students!
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