Thank You for An Amazing School Year

Friday, June 21, 2019
What an exciting end to an already productive year.... 


After securing a 99.9% member participation rate following the abhorrent ruling by the Supreme Court in the JANUS case, members shifted their attention to helping NYSUT reshape the State Senate to include more politicians that are 'friends of public education'.

This Senate will have their work cut out for them as they feel pressure from NYSUT and its locals to make changes to the teacher evaluation process, the 2% tax cap and the growth in charter schools.  Unfortunately, only time will tell which direction we are heading-in on these important issues...

Guided by Elementary Vice President, Donna DiPalo, Levittown United Teachers led a community wide book drive and put thousands of free books in the hands of Levittown children.  All Donna's hard-work paid off, as The LUT was honored for their community service contributions at this year's NYSUT RA in Albany, NY.  Thanks again, Donna!

Soon after, focus shifted and remained on Levittown's local labor relations.  A negotiating team was formed and set out on a listening tour.  Members came prepared and spoke passionately about contractual issues that were important to them and their fellow educators.

Your negotiating team listened and was able to secure a contract that was beyond fair and reasonable and did so before the expiration of the current contract.  A feat that hasn't been accomplished in recent memory...

This contract included the resumption of normal step movement and 1% raises across the board for the next 5 years.  We were also able to add additional steps for our dedicated hard-working teaching assistants and implement a phase-in plan to get our special area subject teachers on par with their colleagues.  Obtaining such a lucrative contract, while preserving all major working conditions, including health insurance contributions, is something we are very proud of.

The results of the ratification vote, 612-Yes to 55-No, was a true endorsement of your Union and its leadership.  On behalf of your officers and the negotiating team, please accept our heartfelt gratitude in lending us your vote of confidence with this difficult task.

With this five year contract ahead of us, and with a continued collaborative labor relationship never seen before in Levittown, who knows what more we can accomplish!

Thank you and please have a well-deserved relaxing summer! You certainly have earned it! In Unity.